First Time❤️


Hello everyone,

I am Rochelle, you may know me from instagram @rochelleonwheelsss. Well I decided to make a blog because I like to write stuff especially on my disability as I got so cerebral palsy spastic dipegla partiality deaf, mild learning difficulty also I do have speech problems as sometimes I struggle to pronounce words.

 I may discuss on my weightloss journey as I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while  as I’m trying to control my diabetes type 2, as it runs in my family which can be rubbish at times.

I will talk about my mental health as I’ve struggled with my depression since I was 12 I didn’t have a easy upbringing from a 8 year old. It’s like being on a rollercoaster when you have depression you have your good and bad days with it, I do my hardest to stay positive especially I’ve got good support around me 😊

I may add random quotes as I enjoy seeing quotes that we all can relate to, some pictures of me and the people I adore making memories ❤️ I am a independent girl trying to live my young life with a blast 👸

I really appreciate it if you do enjoy my posts

with love,

Rochelle x