Mental Health 

Hello everyone, 

I’m going to talk about mental health as I suffer with depression, I was going to talk about it last week but I was having a up and down week.

I’ve suffer depression ever since I’ve remember that when I was a 12 year old, I remember when I started to feel worthless, unwanted and not wanted to be alive. I struggled with high school as I was getting picked on for the way I look, the weight, my disability and the way I am also I had many issues at home nobody knew what was going on as I couldn’t escape from my problems.

The only thing would help me escape from reality is listening to MUSIC.

No child or teenager shouldn’t have to go through many issues especially abuse when it should have been a good childhood.

I would speak to other teenagers online especially on website makers or YouTube even people I’ve met on holidays I could able to myself on msn messenger and cheer me up.

At 15 i started to self harm when I did it at the time it felt good to ease the pain I was feeling at the time. I would cover it all p wearing jackets and long sleeve tops so nobody noticed it. I’ve struggled on and off for self harming for good 8 years I haven’t thought of self harming for good 6 months.

Last year I was in a bad place as I thought about my past, worthless, ugly. I felt everything would be okay when I got in touch with my dad this time last year, but weeks into getting to know my dad everything hit me like a tonne of bricks, what  I went through which I though I deserved at the time.

I end up having counselling last October which it was as I had 12 sessions also the counsellor was amazing able to help me think differently. I will admit I did struggle at first 6 weeks as I would burst into tears when I had to talk about everything but it got easier towards to end as I accepted I didn’t deserve the abuse.

Now I can handle things better and let go of my past as I know it wasn’t my fault. I’m in a better place having my dad, Nan and good friends to be there for me when I need them. I do have my good, bad and ugly days but I know some people don’t agree with antidepressants but it really has helped me as I’m on 100mg sertraline a day. I’ll admit I will scared to go off them incase I go back in a bad place again even though I’m in a better place.

One day I’ll love to help vulnerable young people and disabilities who don’t have it easy abs need somebody to talk to, I want to be a youth worker, counsellor or mentor.

With love,



Skinny bakery 🍰

Hello everyone,

I’m writing a review on skinny bakery, I’ve ordered a few things from them for the first time. Oh my god there soooo yummy absolute guilt free.

I end up eating all the flapjacks as there only 202 calories, I love flapjacks I haven’t had one in years as there so much sugar in them the skinny flapjacks are healthier, less sugar and fat. Definitely recommended to get those again.

I enjoyed them all tried one each from the picture, I really need to every single one from skinny bakery it so guilt free to have also it may be expensive it is worth the money 😄

The website is

They have my thumbs up 👍

With love,

Hello everyone,

I’ve been really busy the last week as it was my 24th birthday last Wednesday. It has one of the best birthdays to remember I’ve been spoilt by my friends and family, I’m grateful to have amazing people in my life 😊

All my presents and cards

Last Tuesday I went for a birthday meal with my Nan and bestest it was really good as I went to one of my favourite places

Me and my Nan, my rock ❤️

Well later on the day, two of my close mates done a house party for my birthday 🎉 it was such amazing night, too much fun and drinking 🍹

Few pictures from the party 🍰

I had to go college on my actual birthday as I’ve got a exam coming up which is next week, but I went for another meal with bestest and her mother, they like my second family always there for me 😊

Me and my partner in crime
Me and my bestest’s mother 💛

Also I went out on a night out on Saturday night for my birthday it was a good night, could have been better if one of my favourite places disabled toilet wasn’t broke the joys being disabled.

Then yesterday I had a chill day to recover my hangover, went to my dads for tea, the food was delicious 😊.

Now it’s back to reality going on  diet as I can feel I’ve put some weight back on from last week, well I’m trying to go on a no caffeine diet as I’ve got a overactive bladder trying to find ways to control it but I still be carrying on low sugar and low fat too.

Hope everyone had a good week too.

With love,


Clean bedroom💜

Hello everyone,

I thought I write a post on my bedroom and how I manage tidying it up, well I’m a girl loves clothes/beauty shopping 🛒, a girl can never have enough clothes 😂 .

I have too many I do a clear out once or twice a year I hate getting rid of clothes, I might even wear it some point but you never know.

It’s a struggle when I’m on my knees trying to pick up the stuff up or when I’m vacuuming the floor, which it seem to hurt my knees the joys having cerebral palsy.

Also I managed to tidy up my beauty corner up which it needed doing for a while.

My bedroom may look a teenager bedroom even though I’m turning 24 on Wednesday, I just love Disney, unicorns and colourful stuff.

Here’s the before vs. After pictures



I know it isn’t everyone’s standards but I done my best
With love,

Rochelle x

First Time❤️


Hello everyone,

I am Rochelle, you may know me from instagram @rochelleonwheelsss. Well I decided to make a blog because I like to write stuff especially on my disability as I got so cerebral palsy spastic dipegla partiality deaf, mild learning difficulty also I do have speech problems as sometimes I struggle to pronounce words.

 I may discuss on my weightloss journey as I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while  as I’m trying to control my diabetes type 2, as it runs in my family which can be rubbish at times.

I will talk about my mental health as I’ve struggled with my depression since I was 12 I didn’t have a easy upbringing from a 8 year old. It’s like being on a rollercoaster when you have depression you have your good and bad days with it, I do my hardest to stay positive especially I’ve got good support around me 😊

I may add random quotes as I enjoy seeing quotes that we all can relate to, some pictures of me and the people I adore making memories ❤️ I am a independent girl trying to live my young life with a blast 👸

I really appreciate it if you do enjoy my posts

with love,

Rochelle x