Life in a wheelchair.

Hey everyone,

I thought of doing a post about this last couple of weeks what is it like being a wheelchair as I’ve been in a wheelchair from 2 years old, as I got Cerebral Palsy – Spastic Diplegia . I have a love and hate relationship for being in a wheelchair for nearly 23 years, I do have fun times also bad times too. I have fell out many times and would laugh it off but people in public seem to worry think i’ll need to get checked out but really all I have bruises and small cuts.

I want to mainly to talk about the questions I would get asked by people when I go out in the public

‘is it fun being in a wheelchair?’

‘i wish i was able to sit down not having walk anywhere’

‘ can you have sex even though your legs don’t work?’

‘can you not feel your legs?

I don’t mind kids asking me as they don’t understand as their young but with teenagers and adults, duh how stupid they can be really be as their billion of people in the world have disabilities there are visible and invisible ones.

We all can have sex, we just do it in different ways as we all humans have needs and there are disabled parents out there too.

It isn’t always fun being in a wheelchair as when there repairs doing to them you are likely to be housebound or needing somebody to help them. It easier for you to walk without hassle. It can be so frustrating not able to go anywhere independently. It nice you get free parking space if you have a permit.

One thing it really pisses me off when people stare at me like I’m the only one they ever seen when their a billion of people in the world

been in a right rant mood recently I thought I do a post on this as it’s really powerful.

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018.

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a great christmas and a new year.

It has been a good few months last time I’ve posted as my mental health haven’t been the best. I had a bad time recently as my manual wheelchair castor came off which I only had it for less than 6 months, still waiting for it to be repaired especially with it being the festive period, the joys being a wheelchair user.

I found out last month somebody I love dearly got cancer, It was hard to accept it first but i will support somebody to kick cancer arse. I’m going to apply the Manchester Half Marathon which is in October. I always wanted to do a marathon since I  was 11 year old and do it for a good cause Macmillan Cancer Support  or Cancer Research UK. I will defiantly will be using my manual often when its repaired and get my arm strength stronger for the marathon.

I haven’t thought about any new year resolutions as I know for a fact I will fail them all, but I know It be another year focusing on myself, make healthy choices (from tomorrow), exercise more often, try my best to think positive (I struggle with this), hopefully i will start physio some point and hopefully I’ll pass my maths and english in summer time.

I had good few memories in 2017 I will never forget –

  • My unicorn tattoo

    my unicorn tattoo
  •  Beauty and the Beast tattoo21558697_10155380448575971_7918304000927261410_n
  • When I dressed as Belle for Halloween23213396_10155495095825971_8266828415031166286_o
  • Went to Liverpool in September to meet my Idol Tess Holliday (pictures in my last post)
  • I travelled to London on my own it was a great experience
  • Went to see my 2 of my relatives from Birmingham in August with my Dad and sister

I’m really hoping I will do more blog posts, videos and more travelling this year as I’m still young trying to live my life independently.

I hope you all have a safe and peaceful  2018 also don’t give up on your dreams.

funny new year quotes

With love,




Self Love journey

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything as I have been busy and done alot of thinking, I am going to discuss about self love.

I’ve always struggled to believe in myself ever since I remember, when I was growing up I went through a lot of abuse, even my mother would put me down quite often for being a big girl and having other issues.

Recently I’m trying to Self Love as I always put everyone else before myself as I like to please people and try my hardest to make them happy. I need to learn I never be a size 8 no matter what how many diets I go, seeing plus size models boosts my confidence and not feeling alone knowing we all come different sizes.

It was a pleasure meeting one of my inspirations Tess Holliday  last month, seeing her makes me accept the fact you don’t need to be a size 8 to be happy and everyone can wear whatever their want even be naked if they wanted.


It was actually one of the best days of my life meeting people who are different sizes, I didn’t want the day to end.


I’m on a journey to put myself first, focus on my dreams and learn to think positive more often. I go to a support group for survivors every fortnight until February. Hopefully I’ll be a stronger, happier and confident person in next 5 months.


If people can’t accept and love for who you are, they don’t belong in your life for a reason.

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Hello guys

Sorry I haven’t posted a blog in over two months as I keep telling myself to do it I end up not bothering, finally I made the effort to do a update and what I have been doing over the summer.

Well I can say the weather hasn’t been the best in UK this year but I’ve done few things over the summer. I’ve got a new manual chair which I wanted for years as its easier for me and everyone else to push around, got a unicorn tattoo, went to Manchester comic con, went to London and went to visit some relatives in Birmingham.

Here some photos;

me and my sisters 18th
new manual chair
have to wear glasses for long distance
my two best friends
dressed up as a robin
my unicorn tattoo
me and my bestest


disney store in london
camden town
camden town
stuff I’ve brought
seeing my Grandad first time in 22 years


It was great day to see my Grandad after so long, it feels so good to be a part of a family and not feeling like a black sheep 🙂

I went London on my own as I was meant to meet a friend but things got cancelled for a good reason, but it was a good experience and something different than what I’m used to.

Hoping to go Liverpool in less than two weeks to meet one of my idols which I met nearly 2 years ago. Tess Holliday is a inspirational to me but the last year I’ve knocked my confidence not feeling comfortable in my own skin, I know I never be a skinny girl I just want to able to accept me who I am again.

September 2015 when I met one of my idols, Tess Holiday 🙂


I will try to blog more often and find other stuff to talk about, I really hope you like my latest post and thanks for reading.

With love,you_doodle_2017-05-16t20_15_31z