Life in a wheelchair.

Hey everyone,

I thought of doing a post about this last couple of weeks what is it like being a wheelchair as I’ve been in a wheelchair from 2 years old, as I got Cerebral Palsy – Spastic Diplegia . I have a love and hate relationship for being in a wheelchair for nearly 23 years, I do have fun times also bad times too. I have fell out many times and would laugh it off but people in public seem to worry think i’ll need to get checked out but really all I have bruises and small cuts.

I want to mainly to talk about the questions I would get asked by people when I go out in the public

‘is it fun being in a wheelchair?’

‘i wish i was able to sit down not having walk anywhere’

‘ can you have sex even though your legs don’t work?’

‘can you not feel your legs?

I don’t mind kids asking me as they don’t understand as their young but with teenagers and adults, duh how stupid they can be really be as their billion of people in the world have disabilities there are visible and invisible ones.

We all can have sex, we just do it in different ways as we all humans have needs and there are disabled parents out there too.

It isn’t always fun being in a wheelchair as when there repairs doing to them you are likely to be housebound or needing somebody to help them. It easier for you to walk without hassle. It can be so frustrating not able to go anywhere independently. It nice you get free parking space if you have a permit.

One thing it really pisses me off when people stare at me like I’m the only one they ever seen when their a billion of people in the world

been in a right rant mood recently I thought I do a post on this as it’s really powerful.

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Clean bedroom💜

Hello everyone,

I thought I write a post on my bedroom and how I manage tidying it up, well I’m a girl loves clothes/beauty shopping 🛒, a girl can never have enough clothes 😂 .

I have too many I do a clear out once or twice a year I hate getting rid of clothes, I might even wear it some point but you never know.

It’s a struggle when I’m on my knees trying to pick up the stuff up or when I’m vacuuming the floor, which it seem to hurt my knees the joys having cerebral palsy.

Also I managed to tidy up my beauty corner up which it needed doing for a while.

My bedroom may look a teenager bedroom even though I’m turning 24 on Wednesday, I just love Disney, unicorns and colourful stuff.

Here’s the before vs. After pictures



I know it isn’t everyone’s standards but I done my best
With love,

Rochelle x