Hello Bloggers,

My name is Rochelle. I am 24 years old but I still act 18 with no responsibilities. I’m from United Kingdom and live near Manchester. I’ve got cerebral palsy spastic diplegia(wheelchair user), mild learning difficulties, partially deaf, speech issues, depression and diabetes type 2 which is under controlled without medication.

I live on my own I have done since I was 19 as family issues on my mum side broke down. I do my hardest to be independent as I like my own freedom.

I’m into music, acting, tattoos, partying, shopping, travelling, Disney, bright colours and of course unicorns.

One day I want to be a actress (need to get back into it again) I always wanted to make my own theatre group for disabilities.

Also I want to be a mentor/counsellor or youth worker for people with disablities & the vulnerable young people. I always wanted to help people with disabilities/ not have a easy upbringing 😊

i hope you like my site and maybe follow me as I appreciate it.

With love,You_Doodle_2017-05-16T20_15_31Z