Clean bedroom💜

Hello everyone,

I thought I write a post on my bedroom and how I manage tidying it up, well I’m a girl loves clothes/beauty shopping 🛒, a girl can never have enough clothes 😂 .

I have too many I do a clear out once or twice a year I hate getting rid of clothes, I might even wear it some point but you never know.

It’s a struggle when I’m on my knees trying to pick up the stuff up or when I’m vacuuming the floor, which it seem to hurt my knees the joys having cerebral palsy.

Also I managed to tidy up my beauty corner up which it needed doing for a while.

My bedroom may look a teenager bedroom even though I’m turning 24 on Wednesday, I just love Disney, unicorns and colourful stuff.

Here’s the before vs. After pictures



I know it isn’t everyone’s standards but I done my best
With love,

Rochelle x


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